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The best way to find a good professional, in any industry, is to ask for a referral from a trusted friend or colleague. This does not, however, mean any person referred to you is a quality professional. There are plenty of fantastic real estate agents working today. All of us REALTORs have access to the same marketing tools. However it takes experience and knowledge to use these tools effectively. Purdy Real Estate Agents are accomplished in formulating and implementing effective marketing and negotiating strategies.

Everyone has a brother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin who is in the business. Your home is probably the biggest purchase your family will ever make and it involves many decisions that go beyond simply choosing someone you like. Make sure that you ask any agent you are considering at least these seven very important questions before signing a buyer’s agency or listing agreement.

  1. On average a person could decide they want to get their license today and have that license in their mailbox within six months. Because of this, your real estate agent’s experience is very important. A new agent will learn a lot their first year and will continue to learn more with every transaction. Don’t automatically choose against a newer agent. Typically they bring a lot of energy to the transaction and have lots of time for you. However, if you do decide to use a newer agent, make sure they have a great support system behind them. Purdy Real Estate offers that support system, however all the agents with Purdy Real Estate are full Time and Experienced Agents.

  2. Not all real estate agents are REALTORS®. Members of the National Association of REALTORS have to adhere to strict code of ethics or otherwise face having their membership revoked. Also, you must be a member of the National Association of REALTORS to have access to MLS (Multiple listing Service) which is what gives REALTORS® access to almost every home for sale in their market area. All of Purdy Real Estate Agents are REALTORS® and adhere to these to these high standards and organizations.

  3. There is an alphabet soup of advanced certifications real estate agents can earn. While it doesn’t automatically mean that they are good agent, it does mean they are serious about their profession. Purdy Real Estate Agents have these advanced certifications or are currently working to obtain them!

  4. Real estate agents typically categorize themselves as either commercial agent or residential agents, which are vastly different. Even among residential real estate agents though, agents will specialize in buyers, sellers or renters. Our residential agents successfully handle buyers and sellers. Purdy Real Estate Agents can provide a list of satisfied buyers & sellers.

  5. Take the time to call a few of an agent’s past customers. Ask for their strengths and weaknesses (make sure these past customers don’t share the agent’s last name). You will be very impressed at the list that Purdy Real Estate can provide on past clients since most of our business is a result of personal referrals.

  6. Real estate agencies are moving towards the “mega-brokerage “which means many agents today have never met their broker. If an agent doesn’t have their broker’s cell phone number, find out who they will call if they run into questions. The Broker at Purdy Real Estate is very visible and assessable to the agents as well as their clients.

  7. It always surprises me how many people are willing to let their office mate down the hall handle one of their largest investments on purchasing and selling of their home. You need someone who handles real estate transactions full-time, day in and day out. All of Purdy Real Estate Agents are full time experienced Realtors.
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